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On Being Pawlett Jackson

Hopefully the coming weeks and seasons will teach us many things about the labour of being married and its reward. Hopefully we will find time and space and words to share these things, so that any and all can be caught up in this happy thing we have found. This is a brief summary of some thoughts that have lead us to find it joyful to be Pawlett Jacksons.

1. Oneness. We are Pawlett Jackson so to stand for the way in which we intend our union to be distinct, joyful, intentional, emergent and collaborative. That we would be one in name was a priority.
2. Newness. For the joy of sharing in the newness of identity, and to accurately reflect the equal measure with which we both leave and cleave to a new thing. 
3. Symmetry. To include both previous names means both histories and inheritances endure, even while both are beginning something distinct  and synthesise in a way that reflects the process we ourselves feel ourselves going through.
4. Process. There is a challenge in under going the change itself, a process of bureaucracy essentially, but a symbolic exercise that is particular and distinct, as the cocoon is distinct from both caterpillar and butterfly, and we both would like to go through this process.
5. Patriarchy. There is an industrial norm that value and therefore name is claimed by the male one who goes away from the home to the place of work. It is our hope that our home would be the primary place of our ministry and it is a long term hope that we would find authentic and profound ways to integrate variously valued aspects of both out lives, works, home. Mardi Keyes speak on this profoundly (if not specifically about surnames) in Gender and Vocation
6. vs Individualism. It could be claimed that in choosing to discontinue both our family names we have chosen to privilege the fleeting moment over a larger family story, in a way that will complicate things for our children's children's surnames. These things have not been taken on lightly, and it is our hope that the joy in this new thing will bring life and freedom, and we have already enjoyed to abrieve a PJ, but these things will bubble up as we go.

This seems a suitable place to say that we are now:
sarahpawlettjackson [at] gmail [dot] com
philpawlettjackson [at] gmail [dot] com



We are grateful to Evelyn for managing the gift list!
If you have any queries please liaise with her at

We want to reiterate that your best gift to us would be celebrating with us on our wedding day, so
please let that be enough. Knowing nonetheless that folks often like to express love with gifts, we
would be delighted for people to be free to gift us with something they would enjoy, so write
us a poem or make us a pot, if that's your thing; whatever makes your heart come alive.

A happy gift alternative would be a donation to one of these organisations that we love:

The Doddington Community Garden
Many beautiful friends of ours live on the Doddington Estate down the road, and the garden is a
community-led collective of vegetable-growth in the middle of it. We have spent many a happy
Saturday morning planting potatoes and building sheds. It is, in fact, where Phil proposed. (cheques: "Doddington Community Roof Garden project")

We have both been involved in SpaceMax Wandsworth this year, Phil with more architectural
visions, Sarah with research and admin. SpaceMax works to improve quality of life of children and
families living in inadequate or overcrowded housing in the Borough of Wandsworth by aiding and equipping people to maximise their space, through the distribution of skills, tools, materials and relationships. Come join us. (cheques: "SpaceMax")

Speak are a Christian network praying and campaigning for global justice. Housemate and friend
Andy works with these guys; we love what they're fighting for. (cheques: "Speak Network")

St Mark's Church Kennington
Church family, the place you will see us wed, a community we are leaning on and giving ourselves
to. (cheques: "St Mark's PCC")

If you'd like to give to any of these please do so by cheque, bring it to church or send to
Evelyn at the postal address below.


If it is easier and happier for you and there is anything you would like to give us which would make our home a place you would like to visit, that would be a great blessing.

Please bring any gifts to the church on the day of the wedding, or if you would rather post (/have delivered to) then please address to:
Evelyn Jackson, 12 Lime Tree Mews, 2 Lime Walk. Oxford OX3 7DZ